About Us

Casa Coco is a Mexican pop-up restaurant and cultural centre in Sheffield. The first of its kind, it showcases Mexican food without compromising on quality or authenticity.

Casa Coco is not just a taste experience however; it is a cultural hub where every dish has a story and visitors are drawn into Mexico’s diverse and fascinating culture through seasonal themed menus and decorations. Folk tales, sweets and crafts in the shop also paint a colourful picture of this country's creative past.

Whether you’re an adventurer keen to try new flavours, you want to conjure up the sensations from travels to Mexico or you are still looking for that piece of home away from home, Casa Coco promises to create a ‘Little Mexico’ for you to step into and leave the everyday behind.


About Casa Coco

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About the owner


Coco has dreamed of creating an authentic Mexican restaurant since they arrived in Sheffield more than ten years ago. Coco's story began in their hometown of Mexico City, where Coco learned how to cook a wide range of national dishes from both their mother and grandmother. These recipes travelled with Coco to Sheffield, where they began using them to satisfy their nostalgia and reconnect with the country, home and family they had left behind.

Years later, still searching for that piece of homeland in their new hometown, Coco decided to make it a reality and share their love of Mexico with Sheffield. Coco is proud to use authentic ingredients and methods to create food that evokes memories and transports you to a country rich in culture and tradition. Coco loves the process of making food that provides comfort, whilst astonishing and challenging the taste buds.